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Sycamore Scholars is a digital archive of scholarly works created by students, staff, and faculty at Indiana State University. Sycamore Scholars began as a means to enable ISU graduate students to submit their theses and dissertations electronically, but the repository can include journal articles, conference papers, technical reports, working papers, data sets, tutorials, music, photographs, and other digital items.

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  • Boyer, Natalie (2008-04-01)
    Within moments of suffering, beauty emerges and manifests itself into forms that we do not fully recognize. We become willful, dependant, and most of all the accepting of our human frailty. I choose to present portraits ...
  • Taylor, Lori (2007-04-10)
    Growing up in the country I became fascinated by trees and the various ways their branches wind and contort to look like other things. As I got older and encountered hardships and obstacles in my life I began to feel a ...
  • Harvey, Karen (2007-05)
    When we are young we tend to think that we are immortal, living life for the moment and for the reality that exists in front of us. It isn't until we are allowed to grow and experience life, that we realize how certain ...
  • Báez, Daniela (2008-04-28)
    I have always had an inclination towards taking pictures. When I was young the first object I bought with my first savings was a simple automatic camera. I remember reading the entire manual so I would be able to use the ...

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